Posted by: benphia | October 10, 2008

15 days to Nepal.


Mikhail Perfilov

Photograph by: Mikhail Perfilov

One interesting part of our trek will be the unknown of bathing. We may go the whole 25 days without a shower or we may find spots like this where we can at least rinse our face and hair. I may or may not find it culturally sensitive to bathe “fully” in river or lake water (I sure do love a good natural bath). 

This said, I know of at least one hot spring along our route. However, monasteries, Stupas, people and the scenery will be of most importance.



  1. good to hear you will be ‘unattached’ to being clean: a necessity when on-the-go in strange countries. If you do take bird baths and of course you will, be mindful not to slurp up any droplets from those wells or other watersources! nasty parasitic amoebas haunt such places…well, try your best but plan on getting sickypoo anyhoo

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