Posted by: benphia | October 13, 2008

12 days to Nepal.


Bob Carney

Photograph by: Bob Carney

By popular suggestion (not demand), I’m writing the post today. Enjoy! -Sophia

We will be taking a side trip from the main Manaslu Circuit to visit the Tsum Valley. This valley is considered a hidden/secret valley–a place of spiritual refuge for Buddhists. The photo above shows the trail leading into the valley.

Tsum valley is close to the border of Tibet, which means we’ll certainly be offered the well-known Tibetan drink: butter tea. Butter tea is made of tea leaves, salt and yak butter. Although it is considered tea, I’ve heard it’s more enjoyable to consume if you consider it to be soup, instead (although I’m finding it difficult to find any Westerners who admit that they enjoyed the drink, at all). In addition to being well-suited to high elevations due to its warming qualities and high calories for energy, I’ve heard that it is also good for chapped lips. I’m thinking this might be the chapped-lip solution I’ve been searching for all my life…   


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