Posted by: benphia | October 19, 2008

6 days to Nepal.


Benphia Farrline

Photograph by: Benphia Farrline

Yesterday we set out our gear and packed our bags. We made this photograph before packing it all away. Please click the image for an enlarged view.



  1. yummy.yummy.yummy.
    that’s all your stuff?!
    you’re gonna take ALL of that with you?!
    just kiddin.
    such well organized packers,
    i am soooo impressed with the precise planning of this expedition. i am sooo proud of you both and i swell with pride when i brag to my archaeologist coworkers about your impending adventure, cause all of their eyeballs pop out in jealous shock that you are leaping out of your comfort zone and taking the road less traveled…..

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