Posted by: benphia | October 20, 2008

5 days to Nepal.


Today I opened the goodbye present I received on my last day of work at Marylhurst. I just couldn’t wait until we were in Nepal, since there will be so many new things to do when we get there, and I needed some excitement right now. 

Now I have a fine collection of good luck charms: several small animals (including a few monkeys that might like to visit the monkey temple in Kathmandu), a small house that I can look at when I’m feeling homesick, a 1945 penny (it says next to it, “Anything this old must be lucky!”), a bottle of olive oil (which, I think, we’ll actually save and use for our next backpacking trip–there’s nothing like gourmet outback cooking), a friendship stone, several small rocks, prayer flags (those will come in handy on the high passes that catch so much wind), a 10-cent Euro (too bad they don’t use the Euro in Nepal), a few beautiful beads, a four-leaf clover pendant, a Marylhurst College (yes, before it was a University!) bookmark (good for all the books we’ll be reading during our long nights at camp), and a piece of the Marylhurst campus (at least I think it’s from the trees there). All this in a cute pouch I’ll definitely be using as a purse.




  1. yum.

    this is what i was talkin about!! bite size snippets of who you are now and where you are goin. but i would really love to hear more juicy tidbits of the life you are leaving behind. both of you might find it beneficial in the future if you capture a few portraits of your last days in portland….
    just a thought, you know what you need to do.

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