Posted by: benphia | October 24, 2008

1 day to Nepal!

I’m feeling intense excitement and nervousness that also makes me feel very exhausted! All this intensity resonating within me means even the most bland sentence is an exclamation! Therefore, today all sentences (no matter their banality) end in exclamation marks!

Benphia Farrline

Photograph by: Benphia Farrline

Here we are in Portland before our journey! You can see I’m feeling out of focus and jittery, even in photos!

Ben recently purchased this remake of the Diana camera for fun photo-taking in Nepal (he knows my love for toy cameras)! Although the photo above is a regular snapshot, the new Diana has a very small aperture so I can take pinhole pictures! Oh, how I have missed you pinhole! You will bring me comfort and joy in this foreign land!

Well, I can’t keep doing these exclamation marks, so I’ll have to cut this post! Have a super month, everyone!

Happy Halloween to you all! Happy election day! (Yes, we turned in our ballots already!) Happy Thanksgiving! We’ll see you all soon!


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