Posted by: benphia | October 25, 2008

0 days to Nepal: LAX

After a two hour flight we arrived in Los Angeles. All I have known of this city is it’s stereotypes which were affirmed by the view from overhead. The city stretches, sprawls in ugly ways and a light haze seems to engulf the city.

As we sit waiting for our flight to Singapore (with a short stop in Tokyo), I have been staring out the large windows. It took me a moment to realize the gray sky outside was not an overcast Portland sky, but a smog-coated blue sky.

Our PDX experience this morning was quick, quiet, easy and clean. As soon as we entered LAX there were lots of people everywhere and a warm musty atmosphere. There is a more hurried feeling here, leaving one building to find our next flight, and having to check in again and go through the x-rays another time. There was a much more boisterous way to get people through the x-rays here, with shouting out loud every 3 or so people to keep boarding passes out and drink their liquids fast. But, a fairly quick and orderly result from the passengers.

All in all, we are glad to be boarding soon and leaving LAX.

Closing question. What will we do in Singapore at 1:30AM?

Benjamin + Sophia


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