Posted by: benphia | October 25, 2008

0 days to Nepal: the journey begins.

We have arrived at the airport, our bags have been checked and we have our current boarding pass. Everything seems to be flowing smoothly this morning.

We still have about 2 hours until liftoff, but the airport is entertaining with the deep hum of planes rolling past our windows, and people talking softly while they wake themselves up.

As a gift, Sophia recieved a Starbucks gift card. We promptly used it for free breakfast this morning! (Thanks Stephanie!)

Benjamin + Sophia



  1. Did you really get all of the gear shown in the earlier photograph into two duffel bags and two backpacks? My wife and I are going to Nepal in May (with Jon Miller), and I’ve been wondering how we are going to be able to get all of our gear into few enough bags. I’m glad to see it can be done. I hope you’re having a wonderful time. I’m enjoying reading you countdown.

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