Posted by: benphia | October 26, 2008

0 days to Nepal: Tokyo and Singapore.

Friends! We have been traveling for over 24 hours with only chunks of sleep here and there, but after finding some comfortable reclining chairs in the Singapore airport, we’re feeling refreshed and excited for our final flight!

Let me quickly say that our stop over in the Tokyo airport was sad, because they had a lovely setup for an airport and great bathrooms, but we were only off the plane long enough to go through x-rays again, walk to our next gate and use the bathroom/sit for about 15 minutes.

I guess I’m now judging airports by bathrooms. LAX bathrooms stink; Narita (Tokyo) bathrooms are really nice with granite floors and round sinks and the bathrooms have heavy doors that go all the way to the floor (I love privacy!); Changi (Singapore) bathrooms are nice as well, they are probably the most stylish: also with round sinks (clear glass) and granite, but not quite as awesome as Tokyo.

Our time on the plane was fun, but difficult. The first five hours were fine, but then the confines of our seats began to feel restraining. Sophia and I love airplanes and flight in general, but 20 hours of flying is difficult on the physical body.

I am definitely happy to be off the plane currently. The Singapore airport is like a stylish mall, clean and snazzy but does not have the claustraphobic feel of US malls. I hate malls, but this one feels like it has space for me to relax and be myself. It has a lot of greenery around (even real trees!) and a couple of koi ponds with huge fishies!

Ben also met someone interesting on the plane that was from Singapore. He was very intrigued that we were vegetarians like him (I thought it was cool that we had a whole row of vegetarians), and chatted with Ben about many things. He even invited us to visit him on our trip back through Singapore! In general, the people we meet on the plane, in the airport and the staff of the airports and airlines have been very friendly and helpful. And the Singapore flight attendants wear awesome uniforms (which probably makes them even more friendly)!

So, all in all, a good experience. In another 8 or so hours we’ll be in Nepal!

Benjamin + Sophia


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