Posted by: benphia | November 22, 2008

Back in Kathmandu

Hello all,

After a long hard trek we are happy to report that we have survived 16,700 feet and are now safely at the hotel here in Kathmandu. Our arrival back in the city has been abrupt and a bit surreal. We have gotten used to waking up before six in the morning, having tea and breakfast and then heading out for six hours or so of hard and secluded hiking. Now we hear horns constantly, thrust back into the madness of Thamel (the tourist district).

We had dinner at Fire and Ice (the local pizzeria and ice cream restaurant), but we’re already missing our cook Pasang’s delicious dishes. We attempted to emulate our eating pattern by ordering extra food this evening, but without people hovering around offering us more food, we were unable to eat as much. Dinner was odd without our now routine soup and several types of food followed by warm fruit and tea. Oh, warm pineapple, where have you gone?

And now, off to bed. We took showers for the first time in ages, so we’ll be all clean in our bed tonight!

Sophia + Benjamin




    looking forward to seeing you guys come home, and yay for awesome adventures, and yay for pictures, and big hugs!


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