Posted by: benphia | November 25, 2008

Singapore Airport… best airport ever… period


After a relaxing six hours of sleep in the transit hotel here in Changi (the Singapore Airport), we feel refreshed, awake and ready to take on our eighteen hour flight back to the U.S.A. Our stop in this airport was mixed with an ache-inducing attempt at sleeping on our way to Nepal a month ago, so Ben insisted on a good nights rest this time. It was worth it.

This morning we were feeling hungry. Last time in Changi, we had some coffee and muffins, but we were not so impressed by the quality. This morning we opted for a good old American breakfast at the Hard Rock Cafe in Terminal 3. Orange juice, coffee, yogurt (no gelatin, yay!), toast, eggs and hashbrowns. Not too bad, even though the coffee seemed Nescafe-ish and the hashbrowns were those oval shapes you take out of the freezer and throw on the grill. And Ben even tolerated (e.g., made fun of only slightly) the music.

(Ben speaking) One of the greatest things about this airport is the charging stations (which we may have noted earlier in the blog). Both the phone and the iPod were dead and now we have nearly charged devices for entertainment on the long flight home. Totally awesome.

(Sophia speaking) The most interesting thing about this airport is that I feel like I’m in a city I can’t leave (city-prison?). We checked into a hotel (fanciest hotel on our journey, with a granite sink and huge bed with golden bedspread), had food at a couple of restaurants, walked by the gardens and ponds/waterfall features, and took the Sky Train between terminals (like taking a bus or taxi!). There’s even an Apple store here for Ben (iStudio). Basically, we don’t need to leave. At the same time, I feel locked in by the immigration terminals. I feel like I have to get out of here, even though the way out is an 18 hour flight to SanFran and then another layover before our final flight home. At least the food on the airplane has been good, and we get pillows, blankets and socks for the flight (free airline socks to anyone when we get home!).

Benjamin + Sophia



  1. yay!
    so excited to see you in 3d!
    you both sound refreshed and
    rejuvenated, charged and soo full
    of stories lived and to share….
    much love!
    see you soon!

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